Udruzenje Mladih "Feketic" (Youth organization "Feketic")

President: Dragan Ilic
Vice-presidents: Stanišic Petar and Matkovic Miloš

Tel: 064 220 70 85

Our village has another non-political, independent, youth organization. The organization "Udruzenje mladih Feketic" (Youth organization "Feketic") was formed on December 22nd 2004, but they were waiting for the spring to begin with actions.

Their aims are:
- helping the youngsters in this multinational community.

- organizing performances, meetings etc.

- organizing concerts, promotions, theatre visits etc.

- protecting the environment

- organizing courses.

- cooperating with media.

- cooperating with other similar organizations inside and outside of the country.

- cooperating with social organizations.

Their first action was cleaning the "Partizan" sports ground on the third of April, 2005.

Every one is welcome to the Organization!

Klac Sandra

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