The Reformed Church

- the short summary -

The present church was founded by those reformed forefathers who came from Kunhegyes, Hungary in 1785 and settled here. Some came from Tiszabura (Hun) as well. The reason for the migration was Franz Joseph II's edict of November 25, 1784 about the free movement of the people of Kunhegyes. Our ancestors asked for and got the right to practice their reformed faith.

The exact date of the foundation is not known. The first written document, the church register book was started on May 29th, 1785. Although the settlers brought a minister with themselves, the congregation slowly came to be active. In order to have a building for the services they quickly built a wattle house. The present church was finished in 1802. The first manse for the minister was built in the first year of their settlement.

The present congregation hall that used to be a manse had been built in 1877. The present one was finished in 1981. In our church 14 ministers have been serving. The present minister is the 15th one. Among these great church leaders there is one who needs special attention. He was Sándor Ágoston (1882-1960), who was born in the village and served it and its people for almost 40 years. He was not only a minister; he was the actual founder of the Reformed Church in Yugoslavia and its first Bishop. Because of this, our village has almost continuously been the seat of the Bishop and the Centre of the Reformed Church in this country since 1933. The present number of the congregation is 2300.

Information about the Reformed Church:

Reformed Church in Feketic
24323 Bácsfeketegy - Feketic
Bratstva 26
24323 Feketic

Telefon/fax: +381(0)24-738-070

Minister: Istvan Csete Szemesi, Bishop and minister
Wardens: József Bertók and József Csete

The services

Regular services on Sunday mornings and on holidays at 9.30
And on Wednesday mornings at 8.00
Women's Bible study group on Thursdays at 16.00 (wintertime) / at 17.00 (summertime)
Men's Bible study group on Tuesdays at 18.00 (only in wintertime)
Sunday school at 14.00
Bible study group for the young on Sundays at 16.00
Religious education from Tuesdays to Fridays, the time is in accordance with the children's obligations in school

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