Leuenberg Centre

Address: Leuenbergi Otthon,
Bratstva bb,
24323 Feketic
Serbia and Montenegro
Tel: +381-24-738-999
Contact person: Laszlo Harangozo

After the World War II the new socialist regime nationalized the Orphanage in Feketic. The Bishop of the Reformed Church, Sándor Ágoston could not let it go and succeeded in regaining the possession of the building. In the coming years it was used as the Bishop's Seat. The Reformed Church regarded the education of children and young people in sporadic villages important therefore Summer Camps (Catechization) were organized for them according to their age groups. There the young could get to know the psalms, hymns, prayers and the Bible better and could make friends.

The 1990's were marked with difficult economic situation and sadly the Church was also struggling. Searching for new possibilities for the late Orphanage, a new option was offered for its survival. Back in 1971, in Leuenberg, near Geneva, the European Lutheran and Reformed Churches together with the Methodist Church had signed a contract about opening up towards each other. This Ecumenical Organization rented the Leuenberg Centre from the Reformed Church in Feketic on May 31st, 1994. Since then they had rebuilt the Centre, equipped with central heating, refurbished the kitchen and the rooms. Presently it is used by the Reformed Church, the Lutheran Church in Vojvodina, the Slovakian Lutheran Church, the Methodist Church and the Greek Orthodox Church.

It became a popular and well-known venue for conferences. Conferences of ministers, church elders and women are held here, together with ecumenical seminars and meetings. The youth summer camps - Catechizations - are traditionally held here, and sometimes arts camps are organized as well. In the park area there is a two-headed wooden carved post (kopjafa) representing the emigration of our ancestors from Kunhegyes, Hungary in 1785.

The Leuenberg Centre hosts more than a thousand of guests from all over the world each year. They can stay in rooms of 1,2 or 3 beds all inclusive or in rooms of 5, 6 or 12 beds. At a time 100 guests can be hosted

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