Primary School (NIKOLA DURKOVIĆ)

O.Š. "Nikola Durkovic"
24323 Feketic,
ul.Bratstva 31,
tel: +381-24-738-071,+381-24-738-537,

From the very beginning of the settlement one of the major tasks was the children's education. In our school we teach children aged 7 to 14. This school has a two language education method, we have Hungarian and Serbian classes.

The school was named after Nikola Durkovic who was a partisan in World War II and died as a hero. Previously, the school was near the church but the obsolete building could not follow the new requirements. Therefore from the year of 1979, the present school building was built on a new location. More then 500 pupils and 30 teachers learn and teach there. Teachers teach in cabinets. For each subject there is a cabinet and a preparation room. There is a big hall after entering the building. This is the place where we hold our performances, concerts and other big events. From the hall we can reach all the cabinets, the library, the kitchen where snacks are prepared for pupils.

This is the only school in our village. As mentioned earlier the teaching is in two languages. We have 22 classes of which 9 are Serbian and 13 are Hungarian. We also teach children with mental deficiency. For them we opened 5 classes, 3 in Serbian and 2 in Hungarian language.

There are 39 educational workers. One of our main aims is to develop the computer technique among the children because it is essential for their further education.

We also intend to enable our pupils participation in various kinds of social activities.

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