NGO for the Development of the Surroundings and Community of Feketic The Organization started its work on March 10th, 2004 with 23 founder members in Feketic. Its members are mainly local young people who are willing to make the living conditions better in their village. They contribute to it with their work, knowledge and aspirations. The "ZÖLD DOMBOK" is a non-governmental and non-political organization. It has 31 active members presently.

The main goals are:
- enabling better living conditions and forming the common knowledge
- organizing lectures on various professional fields
- watching for founding opportunities
- publishing newspapers or other means of media
- informing the public
- keeping contact with other NGOs.

Zöld Dombok
Bratsva 30, 24323 Feketic,
Vojvodina, Serbia-Montenegro
Current account : 310-8659-38

Contact persons at the Organization:
Dénes Takács(Mr) - President of "Zöld Dombok" NGO: +381 64 30 63 824

mail : zolddombok@gmail.com


On April 3rd and 22nd the Organization called for a Tree-Planting Campaign in and around the village. Not only the members of the Organization took part but also the villagers who felt the need of the trees in our surroundings, too. During these two activities more than 400 different tree saplings were planted. They were provided by the Local Municipality.


On June 5th an activity was organised to clean the grounds of the future playground in the centre of the village. The villagers also took part because they would like to see the play-ground built up for the children. The grounds were cleaned from the rubbish and weeds and they were made ready for future work.

On June 16th another activity was done. This time it was to make the village nicer. The goal was to make the main road clean and neat for the Festival of the Black Cherry. The young people quickly did it with their and the Local Municipality's machines to the greatest joy of the citizens. The fuel was provided by the Local Municipality.


This year we had a special celebration on June 19th. A festival was organised to celebrate the special kind of cherries, the Black Cherry. It lasted one day, 200 guests were invited from the country and from abroad. The Festival began with a cultural spot where folk dances and recitals were seen and heard. Then a professional part followed, the guests visited a cherry orchard and heard various professional lectures about the cherry. The next programme was contests in cooking bean-stew and for the best cherry brandy. The Festival ended with a gala where diplomas were presented to the winners and with a ball.


The traditional Days of Grape Harvest were on September 11th and 12th. Saturday began with the parade of folk dancers and their band and ended with a Grape Harvest Ball organised by the "Zöld Dombok" NGO. On Sunday the interested guests could watch the cultural programme or cook stew that was also connected to the name of our Organization. About the success of the festival let a participator talk: "The atmosphere was superb. I really had a great time. I think it was a splendid idea to spend a Sunday freely for fun and to relax in this hurried world." / H.A./


APRIL 3rd - the founding party of the "Zöld Dombok" NGO
MAY 7th - the concert of the group Baraparty from Ada
AUGUST 22nd - a Sport Party followed the football tournament between the clubs from Srbobran and Feketic
SEPTEMBER 11th - the youthful Harvest Ball had great success
OCTOBER 30th - the local group Kint-Band played for the people at the Beer Festival


On May 14th the first issue of the local newspaper FECSKE (Swallow) was published. It comes out monthly and regularly informs the villagers about the local and other relevant news, events, manifestations. It is meant to be the newspaper for everyone trying to give everybody something interesting to read about. At the beginning of October the so-long-waited-for website of our village was put on the Internet. Besides having short introductions of the local organizations, there are pictures about the village, the short history of Feketics, actual information and events and the issues of the local newspaper can be downloaded.

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