Sports Center

Address: "Sportski centar",
24323 Feketic,
Bratstva bb.,
Contact person: Žmukic Dragoljub

There is a completely new sports center just beside the school. It was built was in hardest years. After many years of waiting the hall was finished in 2003. Inside we have a covered handball course and a grandstand for 500 spectators. During this short period there were a lot of sport and dance contests.

Sárközi István


At the beginning of 2004 the "Dejan-Peko" handball club began its work. Initially we had trainings in two groups, girls in one group and the boys on the other group but we had to close the boys group because there was not enough money for both groups. Today we work with girls born in 1991 and we plan to work with girls born in 1993. We have trainings four times a week, on Mondays and Thursdays at 18.00, on Wednesdays at 16.00 and on Saturdays at 16.00.

During this short period of our existence we organised several tournaments. We hosted groups from Ada, Bácsbulkesz, Bácskeresztúr, Káty, Szabadka, Topolya, Verbász, Zombor. We were in Ada, Káty and Temerin as guests.

At the beginning of March started the season in Vojvodina League, we hope for a positive reception.

Group leaders are Dejan Prnjat and Peko Konjevic. We got help from Gradimir Cetkovic and Gordana Radulovic to work with girls.


Andrija Kotlas "RALE" bought the balls for the club. The biggest problem to maintain this club is the high price of the hall.
However we got sponsors: Commercial company Sanela, Pizzeria Buga, Café Baccardi, Bakery Beoniti, Euro 92, Vujovic Co. and Joinery Alfa.

For more information contact Dejan Prnjat and Peko Konjevic.

The members of the handball club are:
Danijela Panic and Katarina Lalic-goalkeepers,
Branka Ilic and Jelena Vujosevic -pivots,
Maja Radulovic, Vijoleta Juric, Svetlana Perazic, Jelena Djukanovic and Zsanett Kasza -backs, Jelena Nikolic -captain,
Tanja Klac, Emma Sváner, Ena Racman, Ivana Kustudic, Nikolina Blagojevic, Ivana Vujinovic and Miljana Celic -defenders.

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