GAZDAKÖR The Association of Agronomists

Address : Testveriseg u. 30 , 24323 Feketic, Serbia
fax: 024-738-040

The Association of Agronomists "Gazdakör" was formed in May, 2002 with 31 founder members. On 14th of June in 2002 the membership accepted the foundation rules and elected Géza Fekete for the President.

Anyone can be a member of this Assotiation from this region who is intrested in agriculture or participates in agriculture. The foundation rules present the main aims for this association in the long run and they are:

-Professional and other presesntation for the members
-Development of agriculture, crafts, turism and the other sectors of the economy
-Organising programmes, contests and other professional discussions
-Using the new scientific and technical developments
-Cooperation with native and foreign institutions of higher education.
-Further development of our culture and customs.
-Forming professional and economic cooperations.
-Establishing nurseries of trees.
-Organising social work.
-To purchase agricultural accessories.
-Representing the small holders
-Other activities.

Every person who has turned 15 may join this Association.

Inside the professional groups we do social work which contains more education, volunteer work, trade work, contests etc.


1. Fruit, grape and wine section (Géza Fekete)
2.Agricultural section (Gábor Bácsi)
3. Ecological section (József Kórizs)
4. Communal and field section (Zoran Zecsevity)
5. Bee-keeper section (Károly Török jr.)
6. Craft section (János Szakács)
7. Village tourism section (Kornélia Kelemen)
8. Youth section (Andor Fekete)

-The association also has sections which cooperate with other civil organizations, write applications and do agricultural administration.

The present President is Kálmán Orosz
The President of the Executive Committee is István Pál
Secretary is János Tóth
The President of the Supervising Committee is Béla Bojtos

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